1992 - The Merry Wives of Windsor


'The Merry Wives of Windsor' was also presented in 1967 and 2011


Dates & Location

Monday 22nd June - Saturday 27th June 1992
Evenings at 8pm - Saturday matinee at 3pm

Poulton Hall, Bebington
In Association with Metropolitan Borough of Wirral


Booking via Floral Pavilion, Heswall Hall, Birkenhead Library, ?????

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  
Friday, Saturday  
Saturday Matinee  


                                                   The masque at Herne's Oak - click to enlarge


The Cast  
George Page Richard Sawley
Mistress Page Carys Cooper
Anne Page Sarah Menagh
Frank Ford -
( also Master Brook )
Michael Ellis
Mistress Ford Thea Lett
Robin Derek Farrell
Robert Iain Tyrell
Sir Hugh Evans Mike Deakin
Doctor Caius Keith Hill
Mistress Quickly Janet Bird
John Rugby George Leigh
Fenton Ben Shaw
Sir John Falstaff Jim Bird
Bardolph Dennis Gannon
Pistol Matthew King
Nym Laurie Mumford
Robert Shallow Timothy Downes
Abraham Slender Simon Garland
Peter Simple David Roberts
The Host of the Garter Inn John Welshman
Women of the village Patricia Tuohy-Jones, Doreen Ashworth, Carol Joyner, Caroline Sawley
Bear & servant to Frank Ford Alan Thompson
Queenie the pony Herself

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The production team




                        Ann Warr









Assisted by

                          Wendy Lee

Production Manager Patrick Gee
Stage Director Nigel Cooper
Assisted by Kay Hall, Richard Smith,
Colin Graham, Peter Vincent
Lighting design Ron Lamb
Assisted by Nigel Pegrum, Richard Angwin
Sound and music Peter Elliott, Adrian Pullin
Final masque music composed by Mike Williams
Properties Beryl Kenrick, Betty Myers, Sheila Thompson,
Margaret Drechsler, Margaret Harland,
Jessie Cussons
Wardrobe Jean Longstaff
Assisted by Janet Reed
Hairstylist Pat Kelly
Prompt Hilary Abbott
Production Secretary Marion Guyse Williams
Stage and costume design Valerio Marcus Martinez
Executed by Theatre wardrobe course, City of Liverpool
Community College
Supervised by Janet Kent, Gertrude Pfaffinger, Liam Rodden


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Jim Bird as Falstaff

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                                                               The view from Master Page's house

Final Hillbark image

Merry Wives in performance

Cast photographs - 1

Cast photographs - 2

Cast photographs - 3

Cast photographs - 4

Cast photographs - 5                                                                                 

The Committee  
Chairman Eric J Murch
Secretary Hilary Abbott
Treasurer Michael D.G.Ellis
Business Manager Alan Thomas
Patrons and ticket secretary Owen Roberts
Arts Officer, Department of Leuisure Services & Tourism Rob Smith
Press and publicity Paul Holliday
Heswall & district Arts Association Brian Danger
Committee members Joan Eddowes, Henry McDowell
Geoff Sharples, Eric Griffiths
Nigel Cooper, John Moran
Marion Guyse Williams
Mike EllisRon Lamb