Cast photographs - 4               The Merry Wives of Windsor  1992

                                                                    Director Ann Warr addresses some of the cast.
                                    l-r Mike Deakin, Caroline Sawley, Dave Roberts, Derek Farrell, Dennis Gannon,
                                Alan Thompson ( the bear ), Sarah Menagh, Pat Tuohy-Jones, Carol Joyner, Ben Shaw


Jim Bird, Janet Bird, Rick Sawley, Mike Ellis,Thea Lett, Carys Cooper

Alan Thompson and Ben Shaw   Alan Thompson and Ben Shaw
                                             Fenton and the Bear!!

Carys Cooper and Thea Lett
                                      The Merry Wives off guard
Thea Lett and Carys Cooper

Carys Cooper and Rick Sawley   Alan Thompson and Rick Sawley
         Master and Mistress Page                  Servant to Ford and Master Page

Carole Joyner, Patricia Tuohy-Jones, Sarah Menagh, Ben Shaw, Caroline Sawley
                                                   Villagers with Ann Page and Fenton

Laurie Mumford, Rick Sawley, Mike Ellis, Matthew King
                                            Nym, Page, Ford and Pistol

                                           Carrying Falstaff in the basket