In performance                        The Merry Wives of Windsor  1992

Mike Deakin. Rick Sawley, Mike Ellis
                       Hugh Evans, Master Page, Master Ford

Carys Cooper, Thea Lett
                                        Mistresses Page and Ford

                                        Slender and Peter Simple

Mike Ellis, Matthew King, Laurie Mumford, Rick Sawley
                         Ford and Pistol                                            Nym and Page

                        Bardolph, Pistol and Nym

                                      The villagers arrive

Simon Garland, John Welshman,Rick Sawley, George Leigh, Mike Deakin, Keith Hill
                              Slender, Host, Page, John Rugby, Evans, Caius

Laurie Mumford, Rick Sawley, Mike Ellis, Matthew King
                                            Nym, Page, Ford and Pistol

Laurie Mumford, Matthew King
                                                    Nym and Pistol

Sarah Menagh, Tim Downes, Simon Garland
                                    Ann Page, Shallow and Slender

Sarah Menagh, Simon Garland
                                                 Ann Page and Slender

Mike Ellis, Thea Lett, Jim Bird, Carys Cooper, Sarah Menagh, Rick Sawley

                                                                The Pond and banner