Aims of Hillbark Players

  • The aim of Hillbark Players is to produce high-quality productions of open-air Shakespeare for the people of Wirral, using the very best local directors, performers, designers, costumes, sets etc available.
  • Hillbark Players will have no permanent acting membership, but will draw upon the talents available throughout Wirral. Productions will be cast by open auditions, widely advertised. Encouragement will be given to local societies and schools to send applicants for auditions.
  • Hillbark Players will be run by a Committee with a broad membership, representing local dramatic societies across Wirral, together with people with appropriate skills and an interest in being connected with the Players and their productions.
  • Hillbark Players will be non profit-making and each production should be self financing. Sponsorship of each production will be actively sought.
  • Some of the proceeds of each production may be used to support local charitable organisations and good causes, particularly those organisations which help to support the Players. However, sufficient money should be retained from each production to provide a suitable platform towards funding for the next production.
  • Hillbark Players will make their productions accessible to all members of the community.