Meet our Chairmen

Nigel Cooper 2015 -

Nigel became chairman on September 3rd 2015.

He had previously been Stage Manager for the Group for 27 years until he stood down for the 2015 production.


Michael Ellis 1998 - 2015

Mike Ellis was vice-chairman of Hillbark Players and took over from Eric Murch in November 1998 after "The Winter's Tale". He was chairman for all productions from 2001 to 2015. He stepped down at the Committee meeting on September 3rd 2015.

He was very proud to be chairman of such a prestigious group and loved performing in their plays. He first appeared in 1967 in 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' and the 2017 production of 'Hamlet' marked 50 years of service to Hillbark Players. It was the 18th major Hillbark Players Production he had performed in.

He was delighted to take up the Committee's offer to become its Life President.

         Eric Murch hands over the chairmanship to Mike Ellis in November 1998.

Mike ellis Mike ellis

     Chairman Mike Ellis - 2001                                                             Chairman Mike Ellis - 2010

Mike is pictured here on September 3rd 2015, with one of his retirement gifts - a mole
named 'Royden' in memory of the constant battle he waged with them on the Hillbark acting arena!!


Eric Murch 1976-1998

Eric J Murch was a prime mover in re-forming Hillbark Players after a gap of 8 years. He chaired the Players for a total of 12 productions. He became President of the Players on his retirement from the chairmanship. He died in April 2013, aged 92. Hillbark Players owes a debt of gratitude to the work he put into re-forming Hillbark Players and driving it to become a leading presenter of open-air Shakespeare.

Eric Murch



Dorothy Higginbottom 1964 - 1968

The first chairman of Hillbark Players was Mrs DMC ( Dolly ) Higginbottom,
who lead the Players from its founding in 1964 until the end of its first series of plays in 1968, a total of 5 productions. She was the chairman of Hoylake Urban District Council at the time and was instrumental in finding a site for the players to perform.

Dolly Higginbottom