Cast photographs - 3               The Merry Wives of Windsor  1992

    Janet Bird Matthew King, Ann Warr
             Running repairs to Mistress Quickly                                Pistol and the Director Ann Warr

    Carys Cooper, Rick Sawley  Dave Roberts
                         Mistress Page and Page                                                    Peter Simple

    John Welshman   Carol Joyner and Sarah Menagh
                             Host of the Garter                                      A villager ( Carol Joyner ) with Ann Page

    Jim Bird   Ben Shaw
                                        Falstaff                                                                      Fenton

    Wendy Lee, Mike Deakin, Keith Hill  Dennis Gannon, Carys Cooper
                Wendy Lee, Hugh Evans and Dr. Caius                                 Bardolph and Mistress Page

   Keith Hill, Derek Farrell, Mike Deakin
                                                           The Germans!!!