Cast photographs - 5               The Merry Wives of Windsor  1992

                The cast relax between the matinee and evening performance



Centre - the Ellis family


                                Some more informal backstage pictures

Dennis Gannon, John Welshman, Tim Downes, Ben Shaw
                                                       Bardolph, Host, Shallow, Fenton

Alan Thompson, Iain Tyrell
                                                                Learning to juggle

Iain Tyrell, Sarah Menagh, Ben Shaw, Carole Joyner

2 WI Ladies and Carys Cooper

Janet Bird, Doreen Ashworth, Jessie Cussons

Sarah Menagh and George Leigh

Dave Roberts, Laurie Mumford, Matthew King
                                                            Simple, Nym, Pistol

Keith Hill

Nigel Cooper, Dennis Gannon, Keith Hill