Merry Wives - photo gallery 2

   Cast photographs - 2 
              The Merry Wives of Windsor  1992

    Alan Thompson, Derek Farrell
                 Alan Thompson and Derek Farrell show off their costumes for the masque

    Dennis Gannon and Simon Garland
                                                         Bardolph and Slender have words

    Simon Garland   Simon Garland
                                                                            Abraham Slender

   George Leigh, Keith Hill    Carole Joyner, Patricia Tuohy-Jones
                John Rugby, Dr Caius                                          Villagers

    Keith Hill, Derek Farrell, Mike Deakin
                                                      The Germans!!!

    Simon Garland, Mike Ellis, Rick Sawley, John Welshman, Dave Roberts, Mike Deakin
                               Slender, Ford, Page, Host, Simple and Evans with the cart

   Jim Bird, Janet Bird,  Rick Sawley, Mike Ellis,   Carys Cooper, Thea Lett
           Falstaff, Mistress Quickly, Page, Ford, Mistress Ford, Mistress Page

   Jim Bird, Carys Cooper, Thea Lett, Mike Ellis, Rick Sawley
                     Falstaff,  Mistress Page,  Mistress Ford,  Ford, Page

                                     Setting up the horse and cart

                                                        The Banner