2005 - The Taming of the Shrew


'The Taming of the Shrew' was also presented in 1966.


Dates & Location

Monday 20th June - Saturday 25th June 2005
Evenings at 8.00pm - Saturday matinee at 2.30pm

Royden Park, Frankby, Wirral.
Presented in Association with Metropolitan Borough of Wirral


Booking via Floral Pavilion, Pacific Road, Heswall Hall
from 29th March 2005

Monday, Tuesday £13.00
Wednesday, Thursday £15.00
Friday, Saturday Evening £16.00
Saturday Matinee £10.00


The Cast  
People of Warwickshire  
Christopher Sly, a tinker Michael Hetherington
The Hostess Christine Smith
A Lord Kevin Eames
Page Mark Braund
His Huntsman Alan Richards
His servants Heather Peers
Sally Lynam
Sarah Corke
First Player of a strolling company James Kay
Characters in the Play  
Lucentio of Pisa, a wealthy student Gareth Jones
Tranio, his servant and advisor Steven Molloy
Baptista Minola,
a wealthy man of Padua
James Kay
Katherina, his elder daughter Val Marshall
Bianca, his younger daughter Beth Lucena
Gremio, an old man of Padua,
Bianca's suitor
Barry Prescott
Hortensio, a young man of Padua, Bianca's suitor Richard Dodd
Biondella, second servant to Lucentio Rebekah Tolcher
Petruchio, a wealthy fortune hunter Michael Hetherington
Grumio, his personal servant Mark Prescott
Curtis, his housekeeper Sarah Corke
His household servants Christine Smith,  Sally Lynam,
Heather PeersAlan Richards,
Mark Braund,   Kevin Eames
A Pedant Keith Hill
A Haberdasher Christine Smith
A Tailoress Heather Peers
Vincentio of Pisa, Lucentio's father Malcolm Ash 
A wealthy widow, in love with Hortensio Sally Lynam
                   The Dancers
Members of Wirral Theatre School
                      Troupe W                   Troupe S
Rebecca Anderson, Joanna Cameron,
Sophie Campbell, Kirsten Hall,
Francesca Marcomini, Jenny Murray,
Phillipa Richmond, Anna Roberts
Sophie Boyle, Bryony Challoner,
Frances Dee, Sophie Griffiths,
Kirsten Hall, Megan Hall,
Hannah Rowlands, Sarah Rowlands

Dancers in action


The Acrobats

Members of West Kirby Gymnastics Club
                      Troupe W                   Troupe S
Bethan Birch,   Hannah Cannon,
Rachel Doran,   Sarah Doran,
Georgia Flynn,   Sarah Littler,
Megan Cheers,   Abigail Shalcross,
Rosie Cheers,   Victoria Baker,
Rosie Charsley,  Sophie Everson
Chloe Fogarty,  Charlotte Fogarty,
Rebecca Maher,  Rachel Maher,
Jessica Walsh,  Elizabeth Noon,
Olivia Charsley,  Rebecca Joynes,
Stephanie Rimmer,  Jo Stones,
Chloe Kerr,   Nicola Wise

Gymnasts in action 1
Gymnasts in action 2


The Musicians

Musicians in action
Musical Director / Tabor Greg Williams
Flute / Recorder Sarah Williams
Flute / Recorder Nicky Molley

Sarah Williams, Greg Williams, Nicky Molley

Val Marshall, Michael Hetherington


The production team




                                  Frank Nance


Frank Nance, Keith Hill

Assisted by Keith Hill
Original Music composed by Greg Wiliams
Stage Director Nigel Cooper
Assistant Stage Managers Pam Buckle, Gareth Cooper
Choreographer Denise Skinner
Gymnastics coaches Linda Pederson, Vivienne Kirkham,
Gemma Heaps
Continuity Do French
Costumes design Val Marshall
Wardrobe Mistress Julie Khayati
Wardrobe assistants Jill Breckon, Dianne Gibbard, Lynn Lack
Additional costume hire Dianne Gibbard, Cheshire Drama Resource Centre,
Homburg Leeds
Scenic Design Frank Nance & Keith Hill
Scenic Construction Richard Smith & Collin Graham
Scenic Painting Pam Buckle, Debbie Reynolds, Steve Jones
Properties Zo McCrudden & Steve Jones
Sound Engineers Peter Elliott, Chris O'Neil
Lighting Design / Chief Electrician Simon Ollman
Lighting Operators Peter Clements & Rob Clark
Lighting Crew Richard Angwin,    Daniel Blizard, Ray Byrne,
Daniel Ellis,   Peter Nance, Richard Stacey, 
Danny Stenhouse, Patrick Johnson,   
Jack Bluett,    Jon Williams
Chaperones Shirley Birch, Sue Cameron, Julie Roberts
Cathy Challoner, Georgina Gibbard,
Audition Readers Andrea Jones, Margaret Nance,
Keith Simpson, Ann Warr
Site Manager David Hearn
Front of House Manager David Hearn
Box Office Manager Owen Roberts, Rob Smith
Sponsorship Bryan Bower
Publicity and Programme Design and Production Nick Sample







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The Committee  
President Eric J Murch 
Chairman Mike Ellis
Secretary Caroline Sawley
Treasurer Michael Minter
Business Manager Tim Downes
Patrons and Ticket Secretary Owen Roberts
Rob Smith
Committee members