1966 - The Taming of the Shrew

'The Taming of the Shrew' was also presented in 2005.


Dates & Location

Monday 27th June - Saturday 2nd July 1966
Evenings at ??pm - Saturday matinee at ??pm

Hillbark Gardens, Frankby
( by kind permission of the Hoylake UDC )

In aid of the West Wirral Boy Scouts Association, Hillbark Home for the Aged and Local Charities


Booking via , Heswall Hall, Birkenhead Library, ?????

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  
Friday, Saturday  
Saturday Matinee  


The Cast  
Christopher Sly Cyril Cambridge
A Lord John Kelly
A "Lady" Ian Todd
Hostess, Huntsmen,& Servants Barry Metcalfe, Gordon Scofield
Mary Brown, Julie Thomson,
Susan Johnson
Lucentio John Gourley
Tranio Paul Churchill
Biondello Stephen Riddle
Baptista Bill Jones
Gremio Fred Hughes
Hortensio Edgar Hibbert
Katherina Norah Rushton
Bianca Jane Tunstall
Petruchio John Livesey
Grumio Bill Myers
Curtis Heather Allen
A Pedant Donald Maclean
A Tailor John C Williams
Vincentio John Kelly
A Widow Pat Ellis
And Heather Allen, Mary Brown,
Julie Thomson, Johnathon Straker,
Ian Todd, Doreen Andrews,
Christine Ainsley, Kathleen Boast,
Gillian Edwards, Christine Melia, Geraldine Roberts, Susan Roberts,
Sheila Thomas, Ruth Tiltson,
Janet Wilson


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The production team




                             Malcolm Ash

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Costumes designed by Mary Metcalfe
Music composed and arranged by Robin Nelson
Lighting arranged by Ron Lamb
Stage manager George Webster
Property mistress Maureen Clarke
Costumes made under the supervision of Margaret Martyn, Margaret Waterhouse
Costumes made by Mesdames Ash, Atfield, Carey, Cooper, Dodd, Ellis,
Gittins, Hughes-Jones, Kaye, Lewis, Minor, Moore,
Roberts, Smith, Jones
Embroidery Elaine McGee, Colleen Rolston
Lighting assistants Frank Mulvey, Barry Metcalfe
Stage assistant David MacIver
Photographs Guyse Williams
Horse ( Peter Pan ) Miss Susan Johnson
Dogs ( Barmaid, Destiny Bridget ) The Joint Masters, Royal Rock Beagle Hunt
Hunting Horns Mr W.V. Smith and Mr H.S.Price
Trek Cart 1st Frankby / Greasby Scout Group

             Malcolm with Katherine, Lucentio and Bianca


The Committee  
Chairman Mrs D.M.C Higginbottom J.P.
Vice-Chairman T.A.Gittins Esq
Secretary Mrs Ann Macdonald
Treasurer M.D.G.Ellis Esq
Press Agent B.J.R.Danger Esq
Scout Organiser R.Freeman Esq
Publicity and Ticket Secretaries N Yates Esq, C.F.Jones Esq
Business Manager A.E.Williams
Electrician Ron Lamb