1994 - Romeo and Juliet


'Romeo and Juliet' was also presented in 1965


Dates & Location

Monday 27th June - Saturday 2nd July 1994
Evenings at 8pm - Saturday matinee at 3pm

Poulton Hall, Bebington
In Association with Metropolitan Borough of Wirral,


Booking via Floral Pavilion Theatre, Birkenhead Central Library, Heswall Hall, Jones & Chapman, Bebington

Monday, £7
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday £8
Friday, Saturday £9
Saturday Matinee £5


The Cast  
Sampson Rick Sawley
Gregory Matthew King
Abram Peter Turner
Balthasar Mike Deakin
Benvolio Les Ebbrell
Tybalt Paul Cavanagh
Capulet Michael Ellis
Lady Capulet Penny Morris
Capulet's servant Keith Hill
Montague Patrick Gee
Lady Montague Rita Miller
Prince of Verona Frank Nance
Leader of the Watch Tim Downes
Romeo Michael Hetherington
Paris Andy Webster
Juliet Leanne Hardy
Nurse Janet Bird
Peter Dennis Gannon
Mercutio Keith Simpson
Friar Lawrence Jim Bird
Apothecary Caroline Sawley
Citizens of Verona, servants,
pages of the Capulets and Montagues, members of the Watch, nuns and market traders.
Fiona Angwin, Jim Bell, Katie Bushell Rosie Coombes, Simon Garland
Ciara Hardman, James Hogg
Emma Hudson, Katie Jones
Rita Miller, Caroline Sawley
Mike Wake
Fiddler Gwen Burgess

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The production team




                        Malcolm Ash


Designed by Frances Nunn
Music arranged by Greg Williams
Lighting designed by Ron Lamb
Dances arranged by Ann Warr
Fights arranged by Jim Bell
Musicians Greg Williams, Gwen Burgess, with Paul Carroll and Chris Chesters, students at Wirral Metropolitan College
Costumes created by Frances Nunn of the Cheshire Drama Resources Centre, with Kate Woollin, Nicole Moore, Deborah Fitch and Jo Matthews, students at Chester College.
Stage Manager Nigel Cooper
Assisted by Colin Graham, Richard Smith,
James Cottam, Ian Copestake,
William Wilson, Ann Collinson.
Wardrobe liaison Pauline Moran, Isobel Roberts
Judi Kenwright.
Lighting Richard Angwin
Lighting operator Ben Faulkner
Lighting crew Claire Jones, Graham Davies, Mike Wake,
Owen Gallagher, Craig Barrett, Ken Brearley,
Katie Jones, Chris Dennett,
Steve Leak, Alan Thompson
Sound Peter Elliott, Adrian Pullin.
Properties Margaret and John Quirk
Assisted by Kate Lye,  Joanne Ellis, Stephanie Smith,
Jill Ellis, Rachel Cooper
Continuity Hilary Abbott
Women's Institutes liaison Hilda Edwards
Youth Group liaison Fiona Angwin

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The Committee  
Chairman Eric J Murch
Secretary Hilary Abbott
Treasurer Michael D.G.Ellis
Business Manager Alan Thomas
Patrons and ticket secretary Owen Roberts
Arts Officer, Department of Leisure Services & Tourism Rob Smith
Press and publicity Paul Holliday
Heswall & district Arts Association Brian Danger
Committee members

Joan Eddowes, Henry McDowell,
Geoff Sharples Eric Griffiths,
Nigel Cooper , John Moran,
Marion Guyse Williams,
Mike Ellis, Ron Lamb