1965 - Romeo and Juliet


'Romeo and Juliet' was also presented in 1994.


Dates & Location

Monday 26th June - Saturday 3rd July
Evenings at ??pm - Saturday matinee at ??pm

Hillbark Gardens, Frankby, Wirral
( by kind permission of the Hoylake UDC )


Booking via Rushworth & Dreaper, Birkenhead and Liverpool and Carefree Travel, Hoylake, West Kirby and Heswall??

Tickets 8/6, 5/6, 3/6



The Cast  
Escalus, Prince of Verona Tony Hamilton
Paris Malcolm Perks
Montague Michael Trainor / Michael Harrison /
David Fleetwood ************
Capulet Henry McDowell
An old man Cyril Cambridge
Romeo John Livesey
Mercutio Christopher Owen
Benvolio Alan Green / Clive Cambridge++++++++
Tybalt Robin Miskimmin
Friar Lawrence John Kelly
Friar John Ernest Freeman
Balthasar David W. Grant
Sampson Arthur Billington
Gregory Ernest Freeman
Peter John C. Williams
Abraham Rupert Tillotson
Apothecary Cyril Cambridge
Three musicians Christopher Owen
Arthur Billington
Robin Miskimmin
Lady Montague Helen Ash
Lady Capulet Barbara Briscoe
Juliet Jacqueline Williams
Nurse Mary Midgley
Page to Paris Judy Bellis
Page to the Prince Jane Tunstall
Page to Tybalt Ann Hackland
Page to Benvolio Nina Povall
Page to Mercutio Mary Brown
Citizens of Verona, Jennifer Banks, Janet Boxwell
Thea Cambridge, Janet Duff, Joy Edwards
June Kerr, Barry Metcalfe, Terry Rogers
Barbara Stead, Doreen Taylor
Rupert Tillotson, Dorothy Wright

****** Due to illness of Michael Trainor, the part was also played by Michael Harrison
         & then David Fleetwood - see press cutting
+++++ Due to injury of Alan Green, the part was also played by Clive Cambridge - see press cutting

The production team




                             Ursula Collins

Flowers arrangement by Jill Ellis
Lighting arranged by Ron Lamb
Dancing mistress Anne Greenwood
Costumes designed and directed by Norah Harvey-Lloyd
Duel scenes devised by Peter Townsend
Fencing Foils by S. Elliott-Clarke
Wardrobe mistresses Helen Oldham, Patricia Oldham
Assisted by
Mrs D Boxwell, Mrs P. Cain, Mrs E Harrison,
Mrs Fitzpatrick, Mrs Macher, Mrs Stalker,
Mrs J. Fountain-Brown
Lighting assistant Frank Mulvey
Stage Manager Norman Davies
Stage assistants Clifford Smith, Harry Guy
Property mistress Maureen Clarke
Photographs Guyse Williams

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The Committee  
Chairman Mrs D.M.C Higginbottom J.P.
Vice-Chairman T.A.Gittins Esq
Secretary Mrs P.M. Nicholls
Treasurer M.D.G.Ellis Esq
Press Agent B.J.R.Danger Esq
Scout Organiser R.Freeman Esq
Publicity and Business Managers The Rotary Club of Heswall
Electrician Ron Lamb