1986 - The Merchant of Venice

'The Merchant of Venice' will also be presented in 2013

Dates & Location

Monday 23rd June - Saturday 28th June 1986
Evenings at 8pm - Saturday matinee at 3pm

Hillbark Gardens, Frankby
In Association with the Department of Leisure Services and Tourism,
Metropolitan Borough of Wirral


Booking via Floral Pavilion, Heswall Hall, Birkenhead Central Library, Beavan Murch, West Kirby

Day   OAP's & children under 16
Monday £3.50 £3.00
Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday
£5.00 £4.50
Saturday Matinee £2.00 £2.00


The Cast  
Antonio Lance Robinson
Salerio Iain Tyrell
Solanio Keith Hill
Bassanio Michael Ellis
Gratiano Neil Wighton
Lorenzo Andrew Webster
Portia Janet Bird
Nerissa Caroline Sawley
Shylock Frank Nance
The Prince of Morocco David Oliver
Launcelot Gobbo Vincent Kent
Old Gobbo Bob Jones
Jessica Suzanne Bonin
The Prince of Aragon Jim Bird
Tubal Timothy Downes
The Duke of Venice John Welshman
Clerk of the Court Derek Williams
Servants, Attendants, Citizens of Venice & Pages Julia Hall, Bettina Wilkins,
Marion Williams,
Helen Hill,
Elizabeth Eddowes, Fiona Angwin
Linda Parkinson,  Jeffrey Millar,
Carl Gillison, Damien Docherty,
Benjamin Robinson,  Alistair Williams
Glenda Cooper, Craig Graham

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The production team




                         Henry McDowell

Stage Director Nigel Cooper
Assisted by

George Webster, Myra Webster, Richard Smith,
Colin Graham, Richard Angwin, Jane Speakman,
Margaret Jewsbury

Lighting Ron Lamb, Nigel Pegrum
Sound & Music Brian Quinn
Properties Pauline Moran, Isobel Roberts, Sheila Thompson,
Margot Drechsler
Wardrobe Jean Longstaff
Assisted by Jenny Gatenby, Diana Hardman, Pat Kelly
Continuity Hilary Abbott
Production Secretary Marion Guyse-Williams
Costumes designed & executed by Theatre Wardrobe students of the Mabel Fletcher Technical College, under the supervision of Alexander Reid, Joyce Timson, Liam Rodden


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Suzanne Bonin, Andrew Webster, Lance Robinson, Janet Bird, Michael Ellis

   Suzanne Bonin   Andrew Webster           Lance Robinson                   Janet Bird                          Michael Ellis

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The Committee  
President Glenda Jackson CBE
Chairman Eric J Murch
Hon Secretary Hilary Abbott
Hon Treasurer Michael DG.Ellis
Hon Business Manager Alan Thomas
Hon Patrons & Ticket Secretary Owen Roberts
Press & Publicity Paul Holliday
Heswall & District Arts Association Brian JR Danger
Hoylake & District Arts Association Hilary Abbott
Committee Members Joan Astbury, Douglas Cochran,
Henry McDowell, Geoff Sharples, Glyn Lewis
Officer in Charge, Hillbark Marjorie Wynn