2023 - Julius Caesar


Dates & Location

Royden Park, Frankby, Wirral


Tickets on sale from the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton via Ticketswirral.com

Day Stands A & C Stands A & C Stand B
Monday, Tuesday      
Wednesday, Thursday      
Friday, Saturday Evening      
Saturday Matinee      


Each ticket is subject to a £1.50 booking fee by Floral Pavilion.

Discounts for Group bookings
Available for all performances

VIP Package available in Stand B -
Cava and Canapes, meet the Directors, complementary programmes, the best seats in the house.


"Beware the Ides of March"

"Et Tu Brute"

The Cast  
Julius Caesar Charles Riley
Calpurnia Caroline Watkinson
Marcus Brutus Adam Stubbs
Caius Cassius Charlotte Cumming
Casca Jason Gallantry
Octavius Caesar Callum Sim
Mark Anthony Jonathan McGrath
Portia Alex Wharton
Lucius Ticki Clark
Soothsayer / Ensemble Pauline Garland
Cinna the conspirator / Ensemble Trevor Butlin
Flavius / Octavius' servant / Ensemble Carys Cooper
Cicero / Claudius / Ensemble Adrian Davies
Metellus Cimber / Ensemble Jemma Brown
Decius Brutus / Ensemble Simon Garland
Popilius / Caesar's servant /
Pindarus / Ensemble
Chris Haws
Marullus / Trebonius / Ensemble Rob Kavanagh
Caius Ligarius / Lepidus / Ensemble Shannon McMullan
Cinna the Poet Caroline Watkinson
Pre-show singers Tia Gill, Nick Hawkswell




The production team



                                  Ruth Stenhouse

                                     Stuart Rathe

Stage & Site Manager Gareth Cooper
Producer Katie Jones
Production Assistants Bethany Culshaw, Nessa Garland
Deputy Stage Manager Ben Howarth
Set Design Nigel Cooper
Chief Electrician Simon Ollman
Lighting design & Operation Nigel Cooper
Sound design & Operation Peter Elliott
Sound Assistant John Lawson
Costume design and Production Alexa Alpine, Tina Alpine
Assisted by Caroline Kay, Nessa Garland
Aesthetic Styling Katie Richardson
Properties Ian Tyrer, Michelle McMullan
Lighting crew Daniel Ellis, Sea Rainey, Alexander Breathnach, Micah Ollman
Set construction Nigel Cooper, Gareth Cooper, Ben Howarth, James Kay, Vince Perry, Richard Smith,Keith Hill, Nessa Garland,Steve Drewe, Michael Hawkyard, Mike Neal
Artistic design and realisation Keith Hill, Tim Sinnott
Front of House Manager Simon Deere
Press, publicity and Promotion Caroline Watkinson, Adrian Davies assisted by members of the crew and Committee
Box Office Caroline Kay, Nessa Garland
Rehearsal refreshments Caroline Kay, Nessa Garland
Photography Simon Garland
Programme Editor Simon Garland
Programme Features Simon Garland, Caroline Kay, Charles Riley
Audition Panel Ruth Stenhouse, Stuart Rathe, Mark Prescott, Nigel Cooper, James Kay,
Sarah McGinty
PATRONS Simon and Pauline Garland, Ruth Stenhouse, Gareth Cooper, Tim Gittins, Nigel and Carys Cooper, The Williams Family ( Steve, Clare, Tom, Lottie, Georgia and Freddy ), Adrian Davies, Nessa Garland, Joyce Brittan, Ian Cubbin.
  Hillbark Players would like to give their thanks to Craig, Lisa and all at Hillbark Hotel and Spa for the use of their grounds and facilities.


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The Committee  
Hon. Life President Mike Ellis
Chairman Nigel Cooper
Vice Chair Ruth Stenhouse
Secretary Caroline Kay
Treasurer Gareth Cooper
Business Manager Ben Howarth
Committee members