2012 - From Shakespeare With Love

Dates & Location

Wednesday 11th July - Saturday 14th July 2012
Evenings at 7.30pm

The Grounds of Hillbark Hotel, Frankby, Wirral

This was a small-scale, "bring your own chair and umbrella" production, with all seats in the open-air.

It was a light-hearted revue of different aspects of love as it is portrayed in some of Shakespeare’s major comedies. The production focused on  extracts from 'The Tempest' (Young Love), 'Much Ado About Nothing' (Mature Love), 'Twelfth Night' (Love Unrequited), 'Henry V' (Love- Warts and All) and  'A Midsummer Night’s Dream' (Love Bewitched).

Hillbark Players were delighted to be back in the grounds of Hillbark House - now Hillbark Hotel - for the first time since 1990. We are very grateful to Craig Baker, the owner, for his encouragement and support.



All Tickets £10
( A small booking fee was charged )

Hillbark Hotel also offered a 2-course pre-show meal for £17.

The Company  
Narrators James Kay,   Kevin Eames,
Vanessa ColquhounFiona Angwin,
Ian Maddock
Prospero Martin Riley
Miranda Sarah Allen
Ferdinand Martin Nelson
Beatrice Louise Sinclair-Jones
Hero Ruth Rundle
Margaret Kate Maddock
Ursula Carys Cooper
Benedick Michael Hetherington
Leonato Dave Perkins
Antonio Ian Nenna
Balthasar Martin Riley
Don Pedro James Kay
Viola Aiysha Nugent-Robinson
Olivia Louise Sinclair-Jones
Maria Kate Maddock
Malvolio Michael Hetherington
Hostess Vanessa Colquhoun
Bardolph Ian Maddock
Girl Fiona Angwin,
Falstaff James Kay 
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM Narrated by James Kay and Caroline Kay
Theseus Martin Riley
Hippolyta Fiona Angwin
Egeus Kevin Eames
Philostrate Carys Cooper
Hermia Sarah Allen
Lysander Mike Bell
Helena Aiysha Nugent-Robinson
Demetrius Martin Nelson
Titania Kate Maddock
Oberon Michael Hetherington
Puck Ruth Rundle
Bottom Ian Maddock
Quince Dave Perkins
Lion Ian Nenna
Thisbe Mike Bell
Wall Laura Williams
Moonshine Lucy Griffiths
Fairies Louise Sinclair-Jones
Lucy Griffiths
Laura Williams


The production team




                                Keith Hill

Assisted by Ruth Stenhouse
Stage Management Gareth Cooper, Nigel Cooper
Assisted by Ian Tyrer and members of the Company
Wardrobe Julie Khayati
Assisted by Nikki Swanick, Rebecca Williams
Sound and Lighting Peter ElliottNigel Cooper
Choreography Victoria Casement
Extracts chosen and
edited by
Keith Hill,  Caroline KayAnn Warr,  John Welshman


          Hillbark Players would like to give their thanks to Hillbark Hotel for the use
                 of their grounds and facilities and to Simon Ollman for his help.


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Sarah Allen, Martin Riley

Dave Perkins, Ruth Rundle, Louise Sinclair-Jones

Kate Maddock, Ruth Rundle, Carys Cooper

Kate Maddock, Dave Perkins, Ian Nenna, Michael Hetherington, Martin Riley, Ruth Rundle,  Louise Sinclair-Jones,  Carys Cooper

Louise Sinclair-Jones, Ruth Rundle, Carys Cooper

James Kay, Kate Maddock, Kevin Eames

Louise Sinclair-Jones, Michael Hetherington

Carys Cooper, Martin Nelson, Fiona Angwin, Aiysha Nugent-Robinson, Sarah Allen

Louise Sinclair-Jones, Kate Maddock, Ruth Rundle

Martin Riley, Ruth Rundle, Kevin Eames, Michael Hetherington

Laura Williams,Louise Sinclair-Jones, Lucy Griffiths, Kate Maddock, Ian Maddock

The Committee  
President Eric J Murch 
Chairman Mike Ellis
Secretary Caroline Kay
Treasurer Gareth Cooper
Business Manager David Perkins
Press and publicity John Welshman
Committee members