2009 - Macbeth

Dates & Location

Monday 22nd June - Saturday 27th June 2009
Evenings at 8.00pm - Saturday matinee at 2.30pm

Royden Park, Frankby, Wirral
Presented in Association with Metropolitan Borough of Wirral.


Tickets were sold by the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton

Day Seats A Seats B Seats C
Monday, Tuesday £10.00 £12.00 £14.00
Wednesday, Thursday £11.00 £13.00 £15.00
Friday, Saturday Evening £12.00 £14.00 £16.00
Saturday Matinee £10.00 £12.00 £14.00

Buy 10 tickets - get the 11th free.

The view of the arena from Stand B

                                                                           The full cast - click to enlarge

The production team




                     Nick Sample

Assisted by Caroline Kay John Welshman
Original Music composed by David Ben Shannon
Scenic Design Kirsty Brown
Lighting Design Simon Ollman
Lighting Operator Keiron Inman
Sound Design Peter Elliott
Costume Design Val Marshall
Costume Co-ordinator Julie Khayati
Wardrobe Mistress Jill Breckon
Assisted by Nessa Garland, Liz Gould, Sally Lynam,
Heather Peers, Matthew King
Victoria Casement
Diane Colbeck
Make-up Design Annie Shankland
Make-up Annie Shankland
Choreography Val Marshall.
Fight Arrangement

Kevin Eames Jen Prescott

Scenic Construction

Richard Smith Collin Graham,
Backstage Theatre Supplies, Sarah and Steve Drewe,
Ken Rotchell, Emma Rotchell, Simon Cole, Dave Molley

The Crew
Stage Manager Nigel Cooper
Assisted by Gareth Cooper      Frank Nance,
Continuity Caroline Kay
Properties Katie Welshman, Kirsty Brown
Tim Langerhuizen
Sound Engineer Peter Elliott
Chief Electrician Simon Ollman
Lighting Crew Danny Blizard, Rob Clark, Daniel Ellis and team
Other Officials
Publicity Nick Sample
Posters & Programme design Nick Sample


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Press Coverage and email comments

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YouTube links - view highlights of the production

Act One

Act Two - part one

Act Two - part two

Costume Designs

Click here to see the Costume Designs by Val Marshall



Macbeth and Lady Macbeth-1

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth - 2

The Court of King Duncan

The Witches

The Porter

The Banquet

The death of Banquo & Lady MacDuff and the murderers

Macbeth and Macduff fight



                                                                                         Full cast - finale

The Committee  
President Eric J Murch 
Chairman Mike Ellis
Secretary Caroline Kay
Treasurer Kevin Eames
Business Manager John Lee
Committee members