2007 - As You Like It


'As You Like It' was also presented in 1982


Dates & Location

Monday 18th June - Saturday 23rd June 2007
Evenings at 8.00pm - Saturday matinee at 2.30pm

Royden Park, Frankby, Wirral.
Presented in Association with Metropolitan Borough of Wirral


Tickets on sale in March 2007 from Pacific Road Arts Centre & Heswall Hall.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday matinee £15
Friday, Saturday evening £17.50

**Special offer - Monday evening and Saturday matinee 2 for the price of 1 **

The view of the arena through the woods

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The Cast  
Duke Senior -a banished Duke James Kay

Amiens - noblemen in attendance to him

Charles Riley
Jacques - noblemen in attendance to him Rick Sawley
Duke Frederick - his brother - the usurper Martin Riley
Le Beau - a courtier Gareth Jones
Charles - a wrestler John-Emmett Scholes
Oliver de Boys - son of Sir Rowland de Boys Mike Lockley
Jacques de Boys - son of Sir Rowland de Boys Nigel Doylerush
Orlando de Boys - son of Sir Rowland de Boys Jonathan McGrath
Adam - servant to Oliver Mike Ellis
Dennis - servant to Oliver Mark Prescott
Touchstone - the clown Ben McConaghy
Sir Oliver Martext Barry Prescott
Corin - a shepherd Keith Hill
Silvius - a shepherd Graham Breckon
William - a country youth in love with Audrey Mark Prescott
Rosalind - daughter of Duke Senior,
- later disguised as Ganymede
Samantha Horne
Celia - daughter of Duke Frederick,
          - later disguised as Aliena
Clare Thompson
Phebe - a shepherdess Gemma Langerhuizen
Audrey - a country wench Janet Blizard
Hisperia - a gentlewoman Ruth Griffith
Hymen - God of marriage John Welshman
1st Page Andrew Nance
2nd Page Lucinda Scott
Lords Nigel Doylerush,    Kevin Eames,
Simon Garland,   Barry Prescott,
Sally Lynam,
  Ian Charles
Ladies Rosie Coombes, Eleanor Hillman, Janet Reed,  Isobel Roberts,
Caroline Sawley,
  Liz Shone

Jessica Ball, Ben Francis,
Caitlin Hare,  Helena Parker,
Georgia Herion

Musicians Alison Parker,   Mark Barrett,
Paul Bonnett
, Siobahn Hare
Goats Billy and Freddy



The production team




                     Andy Webster


Assisted by John Welshman
Scenic Design Andy Webster
Costume Design Val Marshall
Lighting Design Danny Blizard
Wardrobe Mistresses Helen Harwood-Smith,   Jill Breckon
Assisted by Sinead Bonnett,  Sue Bonnett, Trudi Brooks, Diane Colbeck,  Janet Reed,  Chris Shanks
Choreography Christine Gee, Patrick Gee
Scenic Construction Richard Smith Collin Graham,
Sarah Smith and Steve Drewe,
Scenic Photography Alan Thompson
Fight arrangement 2-Xtreme Dean Allmark, All StarWrestling
The Crew  
Stage Manager Nigel Cooper
Assisted by Gareth Cooper    Pam Buckle

Do French


Ian Maddock,  Katie Welshman,
Jessie Cussons,   Lynette Clements

Assisted by Cathy Cross, Elspeth McCaig
Sound Engineer Peter Elliott
Chief Electrician Simon Ollman
Lighting Crew Nick Blizard, Peter Clements, Daniel Ellis, Harry Herion, Kevin Irvine, Kate McCaig, Steve Pollock, Richard Stacey
Make Up Annie Shankland
Other Officials
Publicity Nick Sample

Posters & Programme design

Nick Sample


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The play in performance

Rosalind, Orlando and Celia

The Court

The Wrestling Match

The Banished Duke and his followers

Jacques and friends

Rosalind, Celia, Touchstone, Le Beau

Orlando, Oliver, Adam, Charles

Touchstone, Audrey, William and the Pages

Corin, Silvius. Phebe, Rosalind and Touchstone

Group Photos



Site photographs

Site set-up

The Arena

Audience facilities

Backstage areas

A wet Tuesday Night

Our new stands


                                   The 'As You Like It' logo


The Music

Under the Greenwood Tree - Act 2 scene 5 ( mp3 1.48mb )

Blow blow thou winter wind - Act 2 scene 7 ( mp3 1.34mb )

What shall he have that killed the deer - Act 4 scene 2 ( mp3 98kb )

It was a lover and his lass - Act 5 scene 3 and Act 5 scene 4 - finale ( mp3 775kb )

Great Juno's Crown - Act 5 scene 4 ( mp3 953kb)


Music played by Alison Parker, Mark Barrett and Paul Bonnett

The Committee  
President Eric J Murch 
Chairman Mike Ellis
Secretary Caroline Sawley
Treasurer Michael Minter
Business Manager  
Patrons and Ticket Secretary Rob Smith
Press and publicity John Welshman

Committee members


Bryan Bower
Nigel Cooper
Ann Warr
Do French
Nick Sample
Keith Hill
Kevin Eames
John Lee
Jo McGuire