2003 - The Comedy of Errors


'The Comedy of Errors' was also presented in 1976.


Dates & Location

Monday 23rd June - Saturday 28th June 2003
Evenings at 8.00pm - Saturday matinee at 2.30pm

Royden Park, Frankby, Wirral.
Presented in Association with Metropolitan Borough of Wirral


Booking via Floral Pavilion, Heswall Hall, Birkenhead Library.


Monday, Tuesday £12.00
Wednesday - Saturday £14.00
Saturday Matinee   £8.00

                                                                            The whole cast - click to enlarge

The Cast  
Solinus ( Duke of Ephesus ) John Welshman
Egeon of Syracuse ( father of the Antipholus twins ) Johnny Kennedy
Antipholus of Syracuse Andy Webster
Dromio of Syracuse ( servant to Antipholus of Syracuse ) Rob Kavanagh
Antipholus of Ephesus Gareth Jones
Dromio of Ephesus ( servant to Antipholus of Ephesus ) Mike Lockley
Adriana ( wife of Antipholus of Ephesus ) Jane Leffman 
Luciana ( sister of Adriana ) Val Marshall
Luce ( maid of Adriana ) Wendy Newton
Officer Paul Shaw
Goaler Mark Prescott
First Merchant Barry Prescott
Angelo ( A goldsmith ) Keith Hill
Balthasar ( A Merchant ) Kevin Eames 
2nd Merchant Mike Ellis 
Courtesan Rosie Coombes
Doctor Pinch ( Schoolmaster and conjuror ) David Tolcher
Aemelia ( the Abbess ) Philippa Hipwell
Courtesans Lois Moon
Danielle Greenall 
Sally Lynam
Acrobat Kellie Jordan
Nuns Joanne Ellis
Jean Dalby
Jennifer Williams
Heather Peers
People of Ephesus Fiona Angwin
Isobel Roberts
Sheila Disley
Helen Banton
Victoria Casement
Joan Reynolds-Jones, 
Carol Garland
Bryan Bower
Ray Davies 
Derrick Fear 
David Wolfe  
Gerry Fear
Stephen Charlton

The production team




                                 Ann Warr



Musical Director Victor Knight
Assistant Director Andy Webster
Stage Manager Nigel Cooper
Assistant Stage Managers Malcolm Smith, Nick Sample, Daniel Ellis
Set Design Ken & Hilda Edwards
Lighting Design Simon Ollman
Set Construction Tony Sanchez, Chris Docherty
Richard Smith, Colin Graham
Lightiong Rig Richard Angwin and team
House Electrician Simon Ollman
Lighting Operators Daniel Stenhouse, Daniel Blizard
Sound Peter Elliott
Costumes Designed by Val Marshall
Costumes Jill Breckon, Barbara Cottier
Properties Mary Newton, Pam Buckle
Pam Hodgson, Christopher Newton
Book Do French
Original Music composed and performed by Victor Knight
    Some of the backstage team
Other Officials
Site Managers Peter Dowell, Marshall Thew
Front of House Manager Mike Smith
Box Office Manager Owen Roberts
Publicity Nick Sample,   Lesley Mahon
Poster & Programme design Nick Sample
Sponsorship Bryan Bower, James Kay

Cast groups

Jean Dalby, Joanne Ellis, Heather Peers, Phillipa Hipwell, Sally Lynam, Jennifer Williams
                                              Aemelia and her sister nuns

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Onstage photographs

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Rehearsal photographs ( rehearsals were held at Bidston Hall, Bidston, Wirral )

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The Committee  
President Eric J Murch 
Chairman Mike Ellis
Secretary Caroline Sawley
Treasurer Michael Minter
Business Manager Tim Downes
Patrons and Ticket Secretary Owen Roberts
Press and Publicity Nick Sample
Committee members