1998 - The Winter's Tale

Dates & Location

Monday 22nd June - Saturday 27th June 1998
Evenings at 7.45pm - Saturday matinee at 3pm

Royden Park, Frankby, Wirral.
Presented in Association with Metropolitan Borough of Wirral


Booking via Floral Pavilion, Heswall Hall, Birkenhead Library,

Monday, £9.00
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday £10.00
Friday, Saturday £11.00
Saturday Matinee   £6.00



The Cast  
Leontes Andy Webster
Hermione Penny Morris
Mamillius Peter Nance
Polixenes Rick Sawley
Camillo David Oliver
Antigonus Frank Nance
Paulina Ann Warr
Emilia Suzanne Nance
Cleamena Leanne Hardy
Dian Janet Reed
Officer Michael Ellis
Drummer Simon Garland
Ladies at the Sicilian Court Jacqui Avison  Rosie Coombes   Thea Lett
Lords at the Sicilian Court Derek Williams  Matthew Smith  Glen Eagle
Gaoler George Leigh
Time Tim Downes
Florizel Joe Wilkins
Old Shepherd Keith Hill
Perdita Kate Drew
Young Shepherd Michael Hetherington
Autolycus Craig Stevenson
Mopsa Pauline Forrester
Dorcas Kate Blair
Mariner Glen Eagle
Rustic Servant Alan Richards
Shepherdesses Jean Beswick     Vivienne Brennan
Rita Mille,    Joan O'Meara
Shepherds, Attendants, Beasts Played by members of the cast and crew
Musicians in Sicilia Louise Carr, Sarah Shrimpton
Ian Robertson, Peter Tunnicliffe
Musicians in Bohemia David Dixson, Peter Hommel
Suzanne Parker, Wendy Pullin

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The production team




                       Bob Forrester

Director's Assistant Wendy Lee
Stage Manager John Quirk
Assisted by Richard Smith, Ian Copestake,
William Wilson, Peter Vincent, Matthew Lee
Set Design Ken & Hilda Edwards
Set Construction Nigel Cooper & team
Sound Peter Elliott
Assisted by Ann Collinson, Adrian Pullin.
Lighting design Ron Lamb
Lighting Richard Angwin, Nigel Cooper,
Daniel Stenhouse & team
Properties Margaret Quirk, Joanne Ellis
Continuity Caroline Sawley
Music composed and directed by Jackie Robertson
Dances arranged by Christine & Patrick Gee
Costume design Charles Metcalfe
Wardrobe Lesley Mahon, Pauline Moran,
Isobel Roberts, Hilary Abbott
The Bohemian costumes were made by 1st year Theatre Costume students at
Liverpool Community College.
Under the direction of Liam Rodden
The Sicilian costumes were made at Liverpool John Moores University by Anita Clark, Lesley Mahon
Charles Metcalfe
Embroidery by Karen Evans
Fabrics painted by Kirstine Higgins, Sue Chacewicz, Janet Marr
Millinery made by Stephen Snell
House Manger Eric Griffiths
Box Office Manager Owen Roberts


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Janet Reed, Peter Nance, Penny Morris,  Rosie Coombes, Thea Lett, Suzanne Nance


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The Committee  
Chairman Eric J Murch 
Vice-Chairman Mike Ellis
Secretary Hilary Abbott
Treasurer Michael Minter
Business Manager Patrick Gee
Committee members