Photo Gallery  8                Merry Wives of Windsor  2011

                                                 Sir Hugh Evans and Dr Caius prepare to fight
   Mike Ellis, Adrian Davies Adrian Davies, Mike EllisMike Ellis, David Perkins, Adrian Davies

Mike Ellis, Dave Perkins  Dave Perkins, Nick Sample

Dave Perkins, Nick Sample   Dave Perkins, Nick Sample

Andrew Nance, Nick Sample  Mike Ellis, Andrew Nance, Nick Sample, Dave PerkinsMike Ellis, Nick Sample

Mike Ellis, Dave Perkins Mike Ellis, Dave Perkins
Nick Sample  Steve Morse Mike Ellis
Dave Perkins   Dave Perkins   Dave Perkins
Keith Hill   Keith Hill   Keith Hill
Andrew Nance, Nick Sample, Mike Ellis, Adrian Davies

Nick Fawdrey, Keith Hill  Keith Hill, Nick Fawdrey

Keith Hill, Adrian Davies Mike Ellis, Keith Hill

Nick Sample, Nick Fawdrey  Nick Sample, Nick Fawdrey