Photo Gallery                          Merry Wives of Windsor  2011

                                                               Site set up
The sound and lighting desk

Ray Byrne , Vaughan Thomas

Vaughan Thomas, Ray Byrne , Daniel Stenhouse, Simon Ollman, Daniel Ellis, Charley Cameron

Gareth Cooper Nigel Cooper

Richard Smith and the basket

Ruth Stenhouse, Richard Smith and the basket

Elspeth McCaig, Nigel Cooper and the cart

Gareth Cooper,  Nigel Cooper, Elspeth McCaig

A drink after a wet Friday night - Ian Tyrer, Nigel Cooper, Gareth Cooper, Ruth Stenhouse

                                                                    Striking the set
Simon Ollman Simon Ollman

Simon Ollman

The lighting strike

Dave Perkins, Kirsty Brown

Gary, the Bernic guard Gary, the Bernic guardRuth Stenhouse Ian Tyrer

Nigel Cooper, Richard Smith, Ian Tyrer

Gareth Cooper, ?? Striking the set in Richard's jeep