Photo Gallery  1                Shakespeare Revue  2010

Andrew Nance, Sarah Allen, Nick Fawdrey, David Perkins, Martin Riley

                                                        And How is Hamlet?

 Sarah Allen, Andrew nance, Martin Riley, Nick Fawdrey, David Perkins

Fiona Angwin, Graham Breckon
                                                    Shakespeare Masterclass

Val Marshall     Val Marshall      
                        Which Witch?                                                      Giving Notes

Caroline Kay, Andrew Nance
                                                            Othello in Earnest

Nick Fawdrey, Graham Breckon
                                                             Swap a Jest

Mike Ellis, Martin Riley, Andrew Nance, Nick Fawdrey
                                               So that's the way you like it

Lucy Clement   Mike Ellis
          Carrying a Torch                                     The Night I Appeared as Macbeth

Caroline Kay, Lucy Clement

                                                        The English Lesson

James Kay and Martin Riley with the words