Photo Gallery-2                   As You Like it  1982

                                                                Duke Frederick, Le Beau and Oliver

                                                   Oliver and Charles

                                                                Le Beau, Charles and Orlando

                                                                Old Adam and Orlando

                                                                Duke Senior and pages

                                                                Celia and Rosalind

                                                                Amiems and Jacques

                                                                Duke Senior, Orlando and Jacques

                                                                Rosalind ( Ganymede ) and Celia

                                                                Corin, Barnaby Hayes and Silvius

                                                           Silvius and Phebe

                                                                Audrey and Touchstone

                                                               William, Touchstone and Audrey

                                                                Celia, Oliver and Rosalind

                                                                Rosalind ( Ganymede ) , Celia, and Orlando

                                                       Silvius, Phebe, Rosalind ( Ganymede ), and Orlando