Photo Gallery-3               The Comedy of Errors  1976

Courtesans Christine Morton and Isobel Ashton

Courtesans Isobel Ashton, ??, Christine Morton,
?? and Hazel Maddock


Musician Phillip Eddowes and Bob Forrester as Angelo


David Gibson as Solinus and Brian Danger as Doctor Pinch


2nd Merchant Jeremy Bentham & messenger David Burlinson

Martin Platt as Balthasar and Gaoler Cyril Cambridge

David Coombs as Antipholus of Ephesus
and Mike Ellis as Antipholus of Syracuse

Keith Hill as Dromio of Syracuse
and Frank Adderley as Dromio of Ephesus

Tom Gittins as Egeon

June Wilson as Aemelia having costume adjustments made

Courtiers Ina Burnett and Jean Herbert

Director Patrick Gee and courtesan ??